YogaNotes –
How to sketch yoga postures & sequences

A step-by-step guide for yoga teachers, teacher trainees and yoga practitioners

140 pages,
High quality PDF,
Ideal for viewing on your tablet,
phone or desktop,
Optimised for self-printing.

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Learn how to sketch simple yoga 'stick figures' to capture and plan your yoga sequences. This guide is for anybody who is studying, practicing or teaching yoga and who wants to be able to take simple visual notes for their practice, classes or teacher training course.

It presents a simple, easy-to-understand system for sketching yoga postures that can be quickly learned, even without any drawing or sketching skills.

The first part explains the basic principles of sketching the human body as a simple stick figure and shows all common variations for each body part (legs and feet, arms and hands, torso, etc.).
The second part presents step-by-step explanations for sketching more than 80 asanas (and their variations) with space and sketch along and practice each pose.
The PDF also contains printable templates with guidelines to easily sketch your own sequences.

Sketching is a quick and simple way to capture information, to remember it better and to communicate with other people. Capturing and expressing information visually supports learning and understanding. Sketching yoga sequences is a great way for yoga teachers to design their classes, for teacher trainees to take notes during their course and for yoga practitioners to record their favourite sequences for home practice or for when they travel.

I used sketching and visual notes extensively during my own yoga teacher training with my teacher Surinder Singh in Rishikesh (India). I also regularly sketch out sequences for my own practice and to share with friends.  

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