Video: 5 Steps to Change your Note Taking

I've recently been speaking at a few conferences and I thought I'd try out a new format... instead of using slides, I live sketched my presentation and invited people to sketch along, learning the basic priniciples of sketchnoting while they where doing it themselves and walking away with a nice sketched summary of the talk. 

I think it worked out quite well, but you can judge for yourself as the talks were recorded. You can find the recording from Smashing Conference Freiburg here. The one from Frontend conf in Zurich is embedded below.

And here is the final 'slide' from my talk:

 I also gave a German version of the talk for a Carlsen Verlag in Hamburg. Unfortunately there is no video recording, but at least the final sketch.

I also gave a German version of the talk for a Carlsen Verlag in Hamburg. Unfortunately there is no video recording, but at least the final sketch.

At both occasions, I asked the audience to sketch along and tweet their final sketchnotes of the talk. It is great to see the resulting variety of people's work. Below are a few examples.

If you are sketching along, why not share you sketchnote on twitter and mention me (@evalottchen) so I can see what you did. :)

Zu Gast beim Twumble Podcast

Ich hab letzte Woche den Marc von der Beyond Tellerrand Konferenz in seinem wunderschoenen Garten besucht und bei Sonnenschein und fantastischem Kaffee mit ihm eine Folge fuer seinen Podcast Twumble aufgenommen (auf Deutsch). Wir haben und ueber das Leben, die Arbeit und natuerlich das Skizzieren unterhalten.

Hier gibt's die Folge.

Beyond Tellerrand 2016

This week I had the pleasure to be invited to attend Beyond Tellerrand – a conference about design, development and the broader field of making meaningful stuff on the web and in the world in general. The conference is organised by Marc Thiele, who puts his heart and soul into creating a wonderful event that not only gathers a group of diverse and excellent speakers, but a fantasticly friendly audience as well. Marc even had a great DJ (Tobi Lessnow) on site who collected speech samples from every talk and remixed those live into some pretty funky tunes in the breaks. Serious skillz, sir!

I tried to catch some visual samples of the talks, a.k.a. sketchnotes. You can find the gallery below.

This year, three talks stood out from the rest (which was already very good across the two days):

1. Dominic Wilcox – an artist and inventor from London who showed his weird and wonderful inventions that playfully challenge our view on the world, what is normal and what is possible. I've seen Dominic speak at Reasons to be Creative (which I am speaking at again this September by the way) a few years back and I already loved his work back then. Since that time, he also started working with children, encouraging them to come up with bold inventions and making them become reality with the help of local craftspeople. Truly inspiring and moving work.

2. Val Head talked about animation in web design. Val just comes across as a lovely human being, with loads of passion, spirit and humour, who knows what she is doing and loves to share her knowledge in a super charming and playful way. Her presentation about a few of Disney's 12 principles of animation and how they related to web design was rock solid, beautiful and funny. And everybody who know me can imaging that I just have to have a crush on someone who starts dancing on stage to explain how different interface elements animate on screen.

3. Mr. Bingo
Not much needs to be said. F***ing ace. It's not a talk, it's a show.

And the best thing is, if you missed the whole shabang, you can watch the videos already on Vimeo. BOOM! Thank you Marc for putting on such a fantastic 2 days. <3

My Sketchnotes from Beyond Tellerrand

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